QTP Tutorial for Beginners

QTP Tutorial for Beginners: Today’s post is very much useful for those who are new in QTP and don’t know from where and how to start learning QTP and also for those who wants all qtp related materials, I am also going to include best QTP tutorials, QTP training materials, QTP websites and QTP blogs in this post so that all QTP learners can get fruitful information from one place.

  1. Quicklearnqtp
  2. AdvanceQTP
  3. learnqtp
  4. QTP blogspot
  5. QTP google group
  6. Motevich blogspot
  • If you follow all this information sincerely you don’t need to join any QTP training classes, I have provided all required information on QTP tutorials, you all are always welcome to share your important inputs so that our friends can get best knowledge out of that.


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